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"The Nativity of the Virgin" Jgheaburi Hermitage Church, PISCU MARE, Commune STOENEŞTI (County VÂLCEA); sec. XIV, 1640, 1822-1826, painters: Elijah and Constantine

The Jghiaburi Hermitage, according to inscriptions, dates from the 14th century (1310). It was redone in 1640, during the reign of Matei Basarab, under the metropolitan bishop Theophilus. The present church, built in 1822-1826t has as founders the priests John Andronescu, John of Cheia and the monk Daniel of Zmeuret. The church, having a triconic plan, was painted in 1828 by Elijah of Teiuş and Constantine of Zmeuret. The facades are decorated with saints and prophets.