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"Saint Nicholas" Church, FRASIN-SCOICA, Commune VLADIMIR (County GORJ); 1808, painter: anonymous

The church in Frasin-Scoica was built in 1808 and painted in 1827. The external painting is found only on the porch. The church is rectangular, with a porch with four columns, a pentagonal altar and walls consisting of two rows of bricks in the turret, separated by a thick tour. The turret is square and has two storeys. The church has the following inscription: "This Holy church that celebrates and honours the patrons Vovidenia and Nicholas, was built from the ground with all the trouble and expense of boyar Constantin Săulescu, son of the late Constantin Săulescul, and Demetra, the gentleman's wife. It was decorated as shown, with the help of late Constantin Mosque, during the days of the blessed Alexander Moruzzi Prince, 1827”.